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Phi in the Sky with Max

Hosted by Max Ashley, Phi In The Sky is a 3 hour objective view of our often illogical life here on the 3rd rock from the star. Max delves into the story of “us” by examining thought, the mind, consciousness, theories, philosophies, ideologies, both accepted and unaccepted, predictive programming, the hierarchy of control and much more.

Max takes us back to re-address past events and the facts or what is know and can be substantiated from these events or actions, which gives us a clearer picture of the actual reality of reality. Every week Max gives a rundown on "the week that was", reviews of interviews that break the official narrative, news of archaeological discoveries that change the story but get no lame stream media coverage, as well as his own interviews with leading researchers and experts from a variety of fields.
For more phi in the sky vist phiintheskyradio.

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