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Weekend Warmup with Janet

This program is the big sister to Monday's Amrap Music Magazine.  Due to the time slot of the Monday Show, I am unable to play any music with Language and/or Adult Themes according to the Station's rules.   BUT, because this program is after 9pm, those restrictions are not in place.

NEW  -  I have decided not to limit this show to Amrap releases... I will be mixing other Australian new music in there too!  The playlist will still be more Amrap that not though!

So, Weekend Warmup is the grown ups' Amrap Show.  That's not to say that every track has language or adult themes, just that it's ok.  I generally play more upbeat and heavier music too, you know... the stuff that will get you warmed up for the weekend!

AMRAP is the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project which you can find at  Over 300 Community Radio Stations across Australian are registered with AMRAP.  It gives Aust Musicians the ability to have their music played all over the country.  It is also able to be accessed by you, the Listener, for you to listen to new music from both known and unknown Artists.  You can find out info about the Artist/tracks and where their music is available from.  Check it out here:

We Love Australian Music!

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