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Saturday Night Shuffle with Janet

Janet brings you a huge selection of tracks ranging from the 60's to today.  She takes requests as well.  The majority of the music is middle of the road stuff but due to the requests, a great 3 hours of radio for everyone!

8723 2055... That's the number to call with your Requests!

Song Titles followed by (R) are Requests

Also, we can play a bit of a Triple Play game.    This is where I get involved with your Request.  You pick the Artist and 2 (two) songs by that Artist and then I pick a 3rd track from that Artist.  It just adds a bit of a surprise for you coz I don't tell you what I've chosen until after it has played.

Don't forget.... Janet's Rules for Requests!!

  1. NO COUNTRY  -  because I don't like it!
  2. NO PRE-60's  -  because it's often hard to chase up.


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